121. DO YOU LISTEN AND ACT ON CORRECTION? Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers - For A Better Tomorrow - Jack Lookman - Rita Nnamani - Ire o


As you navigate a world full of chances, difficulties, and new experiences as an adolescent, you will receive input from peers, coaches, parents, and teachers. Even while accepting criticism can be tough at times, it is important to realize that these comments are frequently intended to help you improve and advance. Accepting this criticism with an open mind can result in substantial personal growth.

The first step is to pay attention to the corrections being made. This is listening intently to what is being stated as opposed to shutting off or becoming defensive. When someone calls your attention to a mistake, it is normal to feel a little offended or irritated, but keep in mind that attentive listening can reveal details you may not have noticed. Not only does active listening entail hearing what is being said, but also understanding the intent and lesson behind it.

Reflection comes next, after listening. Give the criticism you have received some thought. Think about the reasoning behind the correction and how it relates to your conduct. Taking time to think about criticism enables you to view it as helpful rather than judgmental. You may find behavioral patterns and places for improvement in yourself by engaging in this self-reflection process.

Implementing the corrections is the third phase. This is where true development takes place. It is insufficient to just hear and comprehend criticism; you also need to put it into practice by taking specific actions. This could entail modifying your strategy, shifting your mindset, or learning new abilities. Responding to corrections demonstrates your willingness to make the necessary improvements.

Lastly, never forget that errors are made by everyone. The way you handle the mistake is more significant than the error itself. You demonstrate resilience and a dedication to improving yourself by accepting criticism and acting upon it. This is a mindset that will benefit you not just as a teenager but all through your life. Accept feedback as a chance to improve, advance, and realize your greatest potential.

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