117. SHOULD YOU BE OPPRESSIVE WITH YOUR BLESSINGS? Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers - For A Better Tomorrow - Jack Lookman - Ire kabiti


As a teenager who is coming to terms with your special abilities, advantages, and resources, (i.e. your blessings); it is important to realize that the way you utilize these benefits can affect not just your own life but also the lives of people in your immediate vicinity. It is not healthy to be oppressive with your blessings, or to use them as a means of dominating or demeaning other people. Rather, encouraging and supporting people with your blessings makes the atmosphere happier and more satisfying for everyone.

First of all, acknowledge that blessings encompass more than simple tangible belongings; they also involve your abilities, wisdom, and chances. Using these gifts to impose control over others or instill a sense of inferiority in them is known as oppression. This kind of behavior can ruin relationships and keep you from making deep connections by fostering bitterness and isolation.

On the other hand, extending your blessings to others, fosters a community that is cooperative and supportive. By pooling your resources, expertise, and knowledge, you enable others and build  support systems for each other. This enhances your life and the lives of people around you. Assisting others in their endeavors does not take away from your own accomplishments; rather, it amplifies them by fostering an optimistic and upbeat atmosphere.

Using your blessings oppressively, can also impede your own development. You cut yourself off from fresh insights and encounters, when you utilize your abilities and resources to subjugate others. This restricts your capacity to develop, thrive and learn. Conversely, when you cooperate and share, you let in fresh perspectives and chances for personal development. You grow and pick up knowledge from others; and generally enrich your experience.

Moreover, making good use of your blessings, encourages humility and thankfulness. You may enjoy your skills and assets more fully when you acknowledge that they are gifts to be shared rather than instruments of oppression. Humility helps you remain grounded and in touch with other people, while gratitude can improve your general pleasure and well-being.

And in the possible event of tables, turning; you may end up reaping what you sowed.


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