115. ARE EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES BENEFICIAL? Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers - For A Better Tomorrow - Jack Lookman - Rita Nnamani


You may be wondering, as an adolescent, if it is worthwhile to participate in extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, or others. The first response is that extracurricular activities are highly advantageous and provide a number of benefits beyond simple enjoyment. 

To start with, extracurricular activities aid in the development of critical life skills. Participating in extracurricular activities such as drama, debate, or sports, and games, teaches you soft skills such as time management, leadership, and teamwork. These are not just necessary for academic success, but also for future employment and interpersonal interactions.

Engaging in these activities has the potential to improve your academic achievement as well. Research demonstrates that participants in extracurricular activity, frequently achieve academic success. 

The necessary commitment, discipline, and attention can result in improved study techniques and a more robust work ethic. 

In addition, a lot of extracurricular activities—like math leagues, debating, or science clubs—directly support academic subjects.

Attending extracurricular events is a fantastic opportunity to learn about, and follow your passions. They provide you the opportunity to experiment, and discover what you enjoy and are good-at. 

When considering your options for further education or your future profession, this can be really helpful. Your initial involvement in these activities can lead you down a route you may not have otherwise thought of.

Extracurricular activities are also a great opportunity to socialize and meet new individuals who share your interests. This can provide you a sense of community and support, which is especially helpful at large schools where it is easy to feel lost. You can develop relationships and friendships that will serve as a vital support system during your adolescent years.

Lastly, participating in extracurricular activities advances your wellbeing and personal development. They provide a respite from the grind of coursework and assignments, a constructive way to let off steam, and a feeling of accomplishment. Your general sense of contentment and happiness can rise when you participate in the things you love.


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