86. DO YOU CAUSE INTENTIONAL MISERY? Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers #JackLookman #Rita Nnamani #teenageempowerment #Irekabiti


It’s critical for us as teenagers facing the challenges of growing up to consider the effects of our actions on other people. Sometimes, in fits of rage or frustration, we may say or do things that intentionally harm people around us. It is essential to identify and comprehend this behavior in order to promote better relationships and personal development.

First, think about the reasons you could intentionally hurt someone. It frequently originates from an area of hurt or insecurity within us. We may lash out to retake control or to vent our own sorrow when we feel threatened, helpless, or misunderstood. But making other people suffer doesn’t actually make our own suffering go away. Rather, it feeds a vicious circle of discord and hostility, making everyone’s suffering worse.

Furthermore, intentionally bringing harm to others might strain your connections. If you harm or mistreat someone, your friends, family, and peers are less inclined to believe in you and stand by you. Trust is a delicate concept that may be very challenging to mend once it is lost. Making more deliberate and caring decisions can be aided by thinking back on your choices and realizing how they affect your relationships over time.

Realizing that each person is battling their own struggle is equally crucial. It’s possible that the person you harmed is coping with problems you are unaware of. Your actions may increase their load and make their challenges even more difficult for them to endure. By engaging in empathy exercises and taking into account the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of others, you may end the pattern of deliberate suffering and help create a more understanding environment.

Lastly, think about the influence of constructive deeds. Kindness and empathy may cause positive ripples, just as purposeful misery can spread negativity. Small acts of kindness, such as lending a sympathetic ear or providing assistance to someone in need, can have a profound impact. By concentrating on how you can help others rather than how you may undermine them, you make the community more cohesive and encouraging.

In summary, considering whether you intentionally create suffering, is a critical first step towards developing a better self, and stronger bonds with others. The cycle of negativity can be broken by choosing empathy and kindness, realizing the impact such behavior has on others, and comprehending the underlying causes of such behavior. Spreading positivity consciously, not only improves the wellbeing of people around you, but also creates a more fulfilling life for yourself.

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