85. DOES GETTING THE REQUIRED DEGREES END LEARNING? Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers #JackLookman #Rita Nnamani #OlayinkaCarew


When we were teenagers, we were frequently told that obtaining a degree was the ideal. Advanced certificates, college degrees, and high school diplomas are regarded as benchmarks that denote the conclusion of formal schooling. It’s crucial to realize, nevertheless, that obtaining these degrees does not indicate that learning is over. Actually, obtaining a degree is only the first step in a lifelong path towards education.

First and foremost, new information is continuously being discovered and the world is continuously changing. After a few years, new discoveries and technological developments may make what you study in school obsolete. You must always  update your knowledge and abilities if you want to be informed and relevant. This entails continuing to learn even after you’ve earned the necessary degrees by being inquisitive and proactive.

Furthermore, development and progress on a personal level continue after graduation. Numerous abilities and life lessons are not taught in the classroom. Examples of critical domains that necessitate ongoing education are: financial literacy, communication abilities, and emotional intelligence, etc. These are vital life skills that you can acquire through reading, taking advantage of new opportunities, and learning throughout your lifetime.

Workplaces also require continual education. New instruments and methods are continually being introduced as industries change. You need to be willing to adapt and learn in order to succeed in your work. Employees who are dedicated to their professional development and ongoing progress are highly valued by many businesses. 

Learning beyond formal education can also result in personal growth and fulfillment. Passions, hobbies, and interests are significant facets of life that enhance your general wellbeing. Learning to play an instrument, picking up a new language, volunteering, or taking up a new pastime are all enjoyable and fulfilling pursuits. They also provide chances to interact with people who have similar interests to yours, enhancing your social life.

Ultimately, a development mindset is fostered by accepting lifelong learning. The idea that aptitude and intelligence may be acquired with commitment and diligence characterizes this way of thinking. It promotes resilience and persistence, assisting you in seeing problems as chances for personal development. Upholding a dedication to education fosters a mindset that enables you to consistently improve and achieve your goals.

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