84. BY GIVING, COULD YOU RECEIVE? Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers #JackLookman #Rita Nnamani #teenageempowerment #OlayinkaCarew



As teenagers, we frequently prioritize obtaining financial goods, popularity, and good grades, but we occasionally undervalue the significant benefits of giving. The adage “by giving, you receive” may appear illogical at first, yet it’s a profound lesson that has the potential to significantly impact your life. Giving anything away—be it time, energy, or resources—often results in receiving something priceless in return: self-improvement, closer relationships, and a sense of contentment.

Giving can greatly accelerate your own development. Assisting others, fosters empathy, compassion, and a deeper comprehension of diverse viewpoints. These attributes not only improve you as a person but also get you ready for new difficulties on the road. You discover more about the people and things around you when you venture out of your comfort zone to donate. You won’t always notice this improvement right away, but eventually you’ll realize how much more adaptive and resilient you’ve become.

Giving also has the power to improve relationships. Generosity and kindness have the power to foster mutual respect and trust. You build relationships based on sincere care and concern when you lend support to friends, family, or even complete strangers. Compared to relationships developed through surface-level encounters, these ties are frequently deeper and more significant. People remember those who helped them when they were in need; thus being willing to help others can result in enduring, sustainable connections.

The sense of contentment and enjoyment that comes from giving is another important advantage. According to research, doing nice deeds releases endorphins, which are the body’s inherent feel-good hormones. It is possible to feel better and  happier by giving, a phenomenon known as the “helper’s high.” This sense of fulfillment contributes to a long-lasting sense of purpose and well-being in your life; going beyond fleeting pleasure.

Lastly, giving fosters an appreciation for what you already have. It helps you develop an attitude of abundance rather than scarcity, by refocusing your attention from what you lack to what you have to offer. More thankfulness and contentment may result from this shift in viewpoint. You begin to see the abundance in your own life when you realize that you have enough to give.

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