104. IS THERE ALWAYS A PRICE FOR SUCCESS? Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers - For A Better Tomorrow - Jack Lookman - Rita Nnamani - Ire o


Teenagers frequently fantasize about success and what it could entail for themselves—perhaps doing well academically, becoming professional athletes, or winning accolades for their favorite pastimes. But one crucial thing to realize from the start is that success usually has a cost. This cost can take many different forms, and being aware of this fact will help us better prepare for the path towards our objectives.

First, it goes without saying that success requires a lot of labor. Any meaningful goal worth achieving demands commitment, hard work, and frequently lengthy practice, or study sessions. The dedication to investing the required time and effort is a crucial component of the journey, whether it involves staying up late to complete a job, or getting up early to practice for a sport.

Secondly, achieving success frequently demands making personal sacrifices. This may require giving up on family get-togethers, social events, or relaxing; in order to concentrate on our objectives. You may need to study or practice, while your friends are hanging out or playing video games. Although these sacrifices can be difficult, they are frequently necessary to maintain concentration and move closer to your goals.

Managing failure and setbacks is another cost of success. It is nearly always the case that failures will occur along the path to success. Although these failures may be discouraging, they can also teach us important lessons. Overcoming setbacks increases your resilience and imparts valuable knowledge that will help you develop and achieve in the future.

The quest for success can also have an emotional and psychological cost. It can be extremely taxing and stressful to feel under constant pressure, to live up to high standards. It is critical to control this tension by keeping a healthy balance and asking for help when required. Long-term success depends heavily on mental and physical health; and looking after  these, could  guarantee that you can continue to work hard and appreciate your accomplishments.

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