62. IS THE WICKEDNESS WORTH IT? - Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers - #forabettertomorrow #teenageinspiration #teenageempowerment #Irekabiti


You will face many decisions and obstacles during your adolescence, that will put your morals and character to the test. You may occasionally encounter temptations to partake in damaging or immoral activities—decisions that, while momentarily thrilling or beneficial, are inherently wrong. The question “Is the wickedness worth it?” must be asked of yourself.

Wickedness can take many different forms, such as lying to get out of problems, bullying others to fit in, cheating during tests, stealing, or committing dangerous behaviors for the sake of thrill-seeking or popularity. While there may be short-term rewards or thrill associated with these behaviors, there are also considerable drawbacks.

Among your greatest advantages is your integrity. Wicked behavior lowers your self-esteem and might cause you to feel guilty or ashamed all the time. Being loyal to your principles and making decisions you’re proud of are key components of upholding your integrity.

It is difficult to gain, and simple to lose trust. One runs the risk of losing the respect of friends, family, teachers, and other people when they participate in dishonest or harmful conduct. It can take a long time to restore your reputation after it has been damaged. Honest and compassionate people are more likely to be respected and trusted by others.

Evil deeds may appear to be a means of obtaining instant benefits or avoiding dire repercussions. But frequently, the long-term effects are far more detrimental than any immediate advantages. Think back on what you have done and visualize the kind of person you want to be. Is a fleeting sensation worth jeopardizing your relationships, integrity, trust, and future prospects? Make decisions that you will be proud of later on, knowing that you upheld your moral principles and showed compassion and respect to everyone.

It is always going to be more fruitful in the long term to choose to behave morally and honorably. It lays the groundwork for a lifetime of benefits—one of self-esteem, trust, and respect for others. Thus, keep this in mind the next time you are tempted to do anything bad or wicked.

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