76. ARE YOU DUMB? OR IN THE WRONG PROFESSION? #JacksLifeLessonsForTeenagers #JackLookman #Rita Nnamani #forabettertomorrow #ireo


Teenagers frequently feel insufficiently intelligent or struggle to choose a job path that suits them. Everyone has distinct strengths and limitations, therefore it’s critical to realize that the secret to your future success and pleasure is to locate the ideal fit for your abilities and desires.

First, understand that it’s not a sign of inferior intelligence if you have difficulties in some areas. People differ in their areas of aptitude, and intelligence is a complex concept. For instance, you might enjoy creative endeavors like writing or painting, but struggle with arithmetic. This just indicates that your strengths are elsewhere, not that you’re a moron. Accept and value your special abilities, which are equally as important as any other skill.

Making the distinction between a lack of interest and a lack of competence, is also essential. It might be difficult to maintain motivation when you’re not passionate about a subject or activity, which can give the impression that you lack ability. But if all you’re concentrating on is something uninteresting to you, you’re unlikely to excel at it. Think back to your favorite things, and things that give you energy, whose pursuits cause you to become distracted. These passions can provide important indications about possible career pathways that fit with your innate tendencies.

Finding something that genuinely speaks to you, might be accomplished by investigating many choices. Enroll in elective classes, volunteer, join clubs, and look for internships in other industries. These encounters might assist you in identifying your areas of passion and strength. It’s acceptable to have second thoughts and try new things; many people change occupations several times in their lifetimes as they discover more about their interests and personalities.

Consult your family, teachers, and mentors for guidance. They may help you see chances and strengths you haven’t thought of, and they can offer viewpoints and recommendations based on their experiences. When you’re navigating your path, don’t be afraid to seek for assistance and direction.

Keep in mind that learning is a continuous process. Even if you currently struggle with a certain subject, you may get better and learn new abilities with the correct assistance and effort. Honor your accomplishments, no matter how tiny, and see failures as chances to grow.

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