46. HOW DO YOU REACT TO INJUSTICE? - Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers - For A Better Tomorrow - Jack Lookman #Irekabiti #teenageinspiration


One of the most important life lessons taught to kids is how to respond to injustice. Injustice can take many different forms, such as power abuse, unfair treatment, and discrimination. It is imperative to react to injustice with bravery, compassion, and resolve.

Priority one, should be given to acknowledging the unfairness and how it affects you or other people. Acknowledge that receiving unfair treatment may cause you to feel angry, frustrated, or depressed. But rather than giving in to hopelessness or helplessness, use these feelings to motivate constructive activity.

It takes guts and tenacity to respond to injustice. Defend the moral high ground in the face of hardship or criticism. Raise your voice to demand change and to speak out against injustice. Advocating against injustice, whether via non-violent protest, activism, or awareness-raising, is a potent approach to change things.

Another crucial component of responding to injustice is empathy. Spend some time learning about the viewpoints of individuals impacted by injustice by listening to their stories. Give individuals who have been harmed empathy and support, as well as your sympathy in their pursuit of justice.

Reacting to injustice demands not just empathy and courage, but also tenacity and resolve. Even though the path to justice is frequently difficult and drawn out, it is crucial to never give up on the cause. Continue moving on, in spite of difficulties or setbacks. Keep in mind that every little thing you do helps in the greater struggle for justice.

Responding to injustice also requires cooperation and unity. Join forces with groups and people who share your beliefs in order to achieve shared objectives. You can have a bigger impact and raise your voices when you band together to bring about significant change. 

Lastly, when responding to injustice, it is  important to put self-care first. It can be emotionally taxing and hard to fight injustice; so make sure you take pauses and do things that lift your soul as needed. Recall that taking care of yourself is not selfish; rather, it is essential to maintaining your long-term passion and vitality.

Responding to injustice calls for bravery, compassion, tenacity, and unity. Never give up on the idea of a more fair and equal world; instead, stand up for what is right and lend support to those who have been harmed. Teens have the potential to be significant change agents in their communities and beyond if they respond to injustice with compassion and strength.

At the same time, do this with wisdom, to avoid unnecessary repercussions which may impact you negatively in the long term. 

Thank you very much for your time. 

This is Jack Lookman signing off. Ire o (I wish you blessings)

Ire kabiti (I wish you loads of blessings).

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