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Life Lessons For Teenagers

One of the common questions adolescents ask is ‘Are my parents really after my best interest?” It is entirely normal to ponder on this because most times, it seems like they never see things from your perspective. It is in moments like this that open communication is crucial.

Initiating  honest conversations is, in most cases, the only way to bridge this gap. It is sometimes during these conversations that you gain insights on why they had made certain decisions, despite the decisions hurting you.

While it seems like they can be over imposing, it is important to recognise that they have your best interest at heart and they have once walked the path which you now walk; making it easier for them to give their proper counsel.

It is also important for parents, on the other hand, to actively listen to their teenage children and acknowledge their feelings. It is when these feelings are ignored that the teenage child tend to feel hurt and unloved. So, while having conversations with their children, they should ensure a balanced dialogue which involves the both parties taking turns to talk and listen to each other.

Building trust with your parents is the ultimate way to abridge these feelings. However, developing trust requires mutual effort. You may build a closer bond with your parents by being open and honest about your feelings and by trying to understand their point of view. These introspective times teach valuable life lessons that foster both personal development and the improvement of parent-child relationships.

Therefore, initiate polite, honest discussion with your parents whenever you start to doubt whether they truly have your best interests in mind. This practice strengthens your relationship with your parents and gives you valuable life skills that will help you navigate relationships in the future.

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