6. Am I a failure because I am not academically gifted? Jack’s Life Lessons For Teenagers - For A Better Tomorrow

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Am I A Failure Because I’m Not Academically Gifted?

Having the gift of academia is a good thing; it opens lots of doors and lots of opportunities. It could also open a lot of wealth and possibly a lot of influence. But life is made up of variety. We are not all endowed equally; some have academic strengths, some are brave, some are beautiful, some are entrepreneurial, some are resourceful, some are politically oriented, some are technical, some practical, some are spiritual, some are vocational, some are creative, some have integrity, etc.

Academia is only one of many values. Some have a bit of the many values listed above while some may have one or two. We are not all gifted equally. If we were, the world will probably be very boring.

Being an academic doesn't necessarily guarantee a life of riches or  success. And not having academic inclinations may not impede your progress in life. There are cases of entrepreneurs who employ more intellectually minded people. 

I guess  the important thing here is to find your strengths, passion, potentials and gifts; and then optimize them. 

Search for that hero inside you. There's something valuable in us all. Take steps to improve yourself to become the best version of yourself. Consume useful but relevant content, move with positive minds that can help you achieve your dreams. Put in the effort and hard work.  Consult relevant others and pray for guidance. When necessary, articulate and execute your plans.

Now, to answer the original question; not being an academic doesn't limit you. There are many routes to the same destination. 

Remember, there's a hero in you. Go on, and achieve greatness!

Thank you very much for your time. 

This is Jack Lookman signing off. Ire o (I wish you blessings)

Ire kabiti (I wish you loads of blessings).

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